Marquette Branch Prison – Michigan

Know somebody in Marquette Branch Prison?  Marquette Branch Prison is a state prison in the Michigan state prison system, which is part of the Michigan Department of Corrections.  This guide will tell you info about anything a person needs to know about Marquette Branch Prison such as the following:  How to do a prison inmate search.  Visiting an inmate here.  The prisons’s phone number and address.  Mailing or sending money to an inmate.  And much much more…

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General Prison Information

Official Name: Marquette Branch Prison
Year Opened: 1889
Type: Males,
State: Michigan
County: Marquette County
DOC: Michigan Department of Corrections
Security Level: I and V
Warden Name: Robert Napel

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Contact Information

In this section you will find the street address and mailing address for Marquette Branch Prison. Use the mailing address if you are mailing a letter or package to someone there, and make sure to use the street address if you want to know the location of Marquette Branch Prison.

Mailing Address

Be sure to check the Inmate Mail and Package Procedures section below before you send a package or letter to an inmate so that you correctly write the address, and follow the appropriate protocol for sending a package or letter. If you do not use the appropriate steps, it could not get to the inmate.

Marquette Branch Prison
141 First Street 
Coldwater MI, 49036

Street Address / Prison Location


Marquette Branch Prison
1960 U.S. Hwy. 41 South 
Marquette MI, 49855

Phone Number and Fax Number

Phone Number: (906) 226-6531
Fax Number:

Map and Directions

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Use this address if you are going to visit a prisoner. You should check the Inmate Visitation Schedule and Inmate Visitation Procedures information further down on this page before you go to visit an inmate at Marquette Branch Prison.

Marquette Branch Prison
1960 U.S. Hwy. 41 South 
Marquette MI, 49855


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Phone Number

Inmates don’t have phones in their cells, so you won’t get to call inmates, but, there are some times when it is helpful to know the telephone number to Marquette Branch Prison.
(906) 226-6531

Marquette Branch Prison inmates can sometimes make phone calls using various methods:

  • Calling Cards
  • Collect Calls
  • Dedicated Phone Line
  • Prison Calling Plan

Fax Number

Prisoners don’t have access to fax machines, so you won’t get to fax a letter to inmates, but there are times when it may be useful to have the fax machine number to Marquette Branch Prison.

Email Address

The email address below is the general email address for the facility. You cannot reach inmates at this address. If you need to send an email to an inmate, read the Inmate Email information below.

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Inmate and Staff Statistics

Total Inmates:
Total Staff:

Inmate Email

To send an email message to an inmate at Marquette Branch Prison you must use an specific process to make sure that the email letter gets to the inmate.

Inmate Internet Access

State prisoners do not have access to the web.

Inmate Mail and Package Procedures

There are special protocols that you have to follow when mailing mail to a prisoner. If you don’t follow the procedures then the mail might be returned to you.

Before you send a package or letter, read the sections below:

Mail Monitoring

Prison officials open and inspect and read all received general correspondence. Received general packages and mail can be read as frequently as necessary to ensure security or watch problems regarding inmates.

How to Address a Letter to an Inmate

This is the format for how you need to address a letter or package to a state prison inmate at Marquette Branch Prison:

Marquette Branch Prison
141 First Street 
Coldwater MI, 49036

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Inmate Money

Each prison has a Commissary that was created to provide inmates a bank-like account for inmate monies and for buying items not provided by the correctional facility.

How to Send an Inmate Money

Anyone can deposit money to these accounts with the U.S. Postal Service and Western Union.

Via U.S. Postal Service: An inmate’s family and friends are able to send inmates money through the mail and will have to send those funds to the following address and follow the rules shows below:

The funds must be in a money order made out to the inmate’s full committed name and complete eight-digit register number. You are advised to use a U.S. Postal Service money order, since all non-postal money orders that are processed through the National Lockbox will be kept for a 15-day hold period, and during this period the prisoner will not get the depsoit. The Bureau of Prisons will send back funds that do not have valid inmate information provided the envelope has a valid return address. Cash and checks won’t be deposited to the prisoner’s account so don’t send any checks or cash.

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Inmate Locator

Prisoners are frequently changed to various prison facilities throughout the Michigan prison system, so you might need to find where an inmate is located using the inmate locator. Click the link below to locate an Marquette Branch Prison inmate.
Inmate Search

To find other Michigan state prisons: Michigan State Prisons

Michigan Department of Corrections Inmate Search

Inmate Visitation

Before you visit an inmate at Marquette Branch Prison, make sure you be aware of this information:

  • Visitation Schedule
  • Visitation Rules
  • Visitation Application

Inmate Visitation Schedule

Inmate Visitor Procedures

Every correctional facility in Michigan has their own policies for prison visits and they are changed frequently. The information discussed here may be changed since this was written, so be sure to also read Marquette Branch Prison’s website to read the most recent visitation procedures.

Visitation Sign-In and Check-In

The front entrance guard will make sure each visitor signs the inmate visitors log when entering the correctional facility and upon exiting.

Identification Required

Positive picture identification of all visitors is required. Acceptable forms of identification are Driver’s License and Social Security Card; although, a state picture I.D. is OK.

For all of the things listed below, go to the official correctional facility site because this information is changed often:

  • Visitation Rules
  • Visitation Dress Code
  • Things You Can and Cannot Take to Visitation
  • Special Rules For Childred, Special Visits, Pastoral or Attorney Visits

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Prison Records

Information about Marquette Branch Prison records to be added later.

Such as:

  • Inmate records
  • Health records.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.

Death Row

Section about Marquette Branch Prison death row will be posted ASAP.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.


Info about Michigan parole coming soon.

For example:

  • Parole hearings.
  • Review boards.
  • Who qualifies for parole.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.


Information about release procedures for Marquette Branch Prison coming soon.

Inmate Programs

Adult Basic Education and General Education Development completion are offered. Other programs include substance abuse treatment and religious services. Available activities include law library, general library and hobbycraft. Many program resources are expanded through participation by community volunteers, such as local clergy and lay people, which gives prisoners increased opportunities to participate in programs.

Prisoners are provided with on-site routine medical and dental care. Serious problems are treated at the department’s Duane L. Waters Health Care in Jackson. Emergencies can be referred to a local hospital.

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Prison Life

Information about prison life coming soon.

  • Activities.
  • Daily schedule and routine.
  • Recreational facilities available.
  • What’s allowed, and what’s not allowed.
  • What the food is like.
  • What to expect.
  • Jobs and work release available.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.


A news section to be added later.


A section with photos of Marquette Branch Prison to be added later.

For example, photos of:

  • Cells at Marquette Branch Prison
  • The yard.
  • What inmates wear at Marquette Branch Prison.

If you have any photos of Marquette Branch Prison that you would like to share, please contact us using the ‘Contact’ link at the bottom of the page.

Prison Jobs & Hiring

Are you trying to find a job at a prison? Do you have experience? Have you worked at a correctional facility before?

If so, go to: Marquette Branch Prison Jobs

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The official website: Marquette Branch Prison Website

Victim Resources

Important Note: If you, or someone you know, are in immediate danger, call 911.

Victim’s Rights

The Victim Rights Act grants victims the following rights:

  • Victims have the right to protection from the accused.
  • Victims have the right to notification.
  • Victims have the right to attend proceedings.
  • Victims have the right to speak at criminal justice proceedings.
  • Victims have the right to consult with the prosecuting attorney.
  • Victims have the right to restitution.
  • Victims have the right to a speedy trial.
  • Victims have the right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

The definition of victim includes:

  • Spouses and children of all victims.
  • Parents and guardians of minor victims.
  • Parents, guardians and siblings of mentally or physically incapacitated victims or victims of homicide.
  • Foster parents or other caregivers, under certain circumstances.

There are a number of services and programs designed to help victims and their families. You can find out about these services by contacting the courthouse, or local law enforcement agency.

Victim Notification

The Department of Justice Victim Notification System (VNS) is a system that provides victims with information pertaining to their case and/or any defendants in the case. You will receive a Victim Identification Number (VIN) and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will allow you to access VNS via the internet or by phone. Here, you will find information about future court hearings, historical court events, and detailed information about the defendant. This will include criminal charges filed, the outcome of charges, sentence imposed, custody location, projected release date and any other release information. The VNS website is updated daily. You will also receive any ongoing information by mail or email.

Have you, a family member or friend ever used the Victim Notification System? If so, was it effective? Did you get the information in a timely manner? Was the system difficult to use? We would like to hear from you, so please post any comments here.

Click here to post a comment

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Family Resources

More information about Marquette Branch Prison inmate family resources to be added later.


A section with the history of Marquette Branch Prison coming.

Such as:

  • Famous Marquette Branch Prison inmates.
  • Escapes and prison breaks.
  • Executions.

If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below.


Information About Other Michigan State Prisons: Michigan State Prisons

Marquette Branch Prison Links

The official website: Marquette Branch Prison Website
Marquette Branch Prison Jobs

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Michigan Department of Corrections Main Website
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Tell Your Story – Write a Review of Marquette Branch Prison

Have you ever been a prisoner at Marquette Branch Prison? Do you know anybody that is an inmate there? Have you ever been to visit someone there?

If your answer is yes, then please write your review about it. Tell us about your experience because others can learn what to expect.

Things you can include in your review:

  • Facility conditions
  • Prison layout and facility
  • Staff and guards
  • Commissary and food
  • Visitation
  • Inmates
  • Safety
  • Gangs
  • Inmate programs and activities

If you are a prisoner at this facility, leave your mailing address if you want to receive letters from people.

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  1. Rachel L says:

    There is a HUGE problem I have with the visitation hours at the Michigan Marquette MDOC Facility. Firstly the haour window for visitation the 5 days a week that visits are allowed is 3 hours as you know. Three hours in comparison to the 8 to 10 hour window in close to all the failities in Michigan. ALL the facilities! As I spoke with a deputy on the phone yesterday about my turlence with said issue I also mentioned that a majority of the inmates in Marquette correctional facility are from lower state michigan and his response to me was yes about 95%. Ninety Five percent! So what that means is far to nearly all inmates there are expieriencing the same dilema my inmate and myself are expieriencing. The dilema is that in order for us to see eachother which is essential to any good relationship spouse Parent Child and even otherwise my family will drive 10 hrs stating at 700 am to get into a 530 pm visit that lasts 3 hrs and then a second trip of 10hrs to return. This trip wiill already cost for me a single parent of two supporting a spouse and father who is incarcerated about $100 plus in gas alone for a 3 hour visit that i could not make physically in one 23 hour period/ i would have to sleep or i would not be safely driving the roads. So to me a sensible person this is not close to ideal. I will have to pay for a hotel which will add another $200 in most cases. But then there are the nurishmenst that are required as considerably healthy for a near 40 hr trip with few stops. I will pay about $100 dollars an hour for three hours of my husbands time and two days of work and home management lost. Which to boot I have two children not biological to my husband but whom think of him as their father that will need supervision for two days. by the time the visit is over I will have spent nearly $600.00 of my earned and potential income. Being on welfare due to physical aliments and having limited ability to work I do not make the kind of money such trips require/ and if i do which will most likely only be at tax season than would be the 1 time in 365 days that I get 3 hours with my husband. I understand that inmates have committed a crime that they are being punished for but this is punishing the families of inmates as well. I dont respect what the system puts inmates through/ i do not respect the system at all for that matter and think of the government as even more miserable than what Americans think they have pride in. This is likely to be ruining many families who have inmates that most likely committed a crime for money reasons due to the failure of their government to create jobs and assistance programs that are essential enough for a family of 4 to survive on or even a family of two or one in many cases. I am outraged at the quality of food and space prisoners are given. I am livid about companies enterprising in excess with their phone prices commissary and other few perks that are offered prisoners and their families. Only offered not necessarily received due to the common occurrence of families with inmates to be able to afford such things. I believed the punishment was the actual prisoners to spend time in a cell apart from society to teach a lesson. As far as I can see the government has taught the majority of our supposed great nation to lie cheat and steal outside the prison not necessarily due to choice but necessity to survive due to the majority of our citizens in the USA being party to the lower and lower middle classes. The are punished for surviving and their families well being becomes even thinner financial security is gone and then to add to that single parent must know do double the work at the expense of half their children’s time. Our govern tells us that the support children families and education but to me this looks nothing like that to a majority of or country of whom are being overlooked neglected and abused. The only step in the right direction is to reevaluate the codes and compliances of the prison system. The punishment prisoners should be receiving is separation from their progress of life outside not medical dental and nutritional deficiency, psychological torment, a broken family and a complete presence of failure of the point oof incarceration teaching them anything but contempt themselves of the government and their families complete content for a punishment from a crime that the family never committed. To America is say broken families and institutionalized zombies is not a way to further the well being of our country and the future of it; our children.

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