Bill Cosby Found Guilty, Faces Lengthy Prison Term

Bill Cosby, the 80 year-old comedian and TV star, has been found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home in 2004.

Cosby is on trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, PA.

This is Cosby’s second trial, after his first trial ended in mistrial.

Each of the 3 counts that he’s been found guilty of carries a maximum 10 year prison sentence, which he would most likely serve concurrently – making it likely that he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

A sentencing hearing has not yet been scheduled, and Cosby is currently out on bail. Immediately following the verdict, prosecutors called for his bail to be revoked because they say his is a flight risk because of his wealth and the fact that he owns a private jet.

Instead of revoking his bail, Judge Steven O’Neill ordered that Cosby must stay at his Pennsylvania home, and wear a GPS tracking device.

Many questions still remain:

Where will Bill Cosby go to prison? For how long?

Post in the comments below, and tell us what you think about the verdict!


  1. He’s going to die in prison! What a dirty creep!

    • Sarcastically Fabulous says:

      That is just a heartless freakin thing to say! WTF is happening to this world and this country!

    • Are you’s really kidding ? I believe there’s a rape job. Yeah we had to move a drug store and we had a fraud judge that take’s you out of job’s to play rehab and everyone need’s jail time . Because the client’s here are non working people that came here and looted police department’s. they ran thru california. And traveled out here with movie star’s Belonging’s car’s and all there personal I.D.’s . They alway’s claim it’s a sheriff department. Was the amount 1-2 tablet’s to star a whole prodject. I guess the traveling circus from Souderton went thru town. Try the 76er’s. Even The Bridgeport area all know it’s Vilinova. Hope the Man well. And the Two suspect’s of fraud go the hell away. A constant check after scene’s to grab key’s and take anything you have, Love California,Washington D.C. Flordia state penn.

  2. Carol Alexander says:

    Why does he get to go home ? Goes, if it was anyone else they wouldn’t get out on bond… I’m sure he will go to a nice prison. I hope not !!! He at no better than anyone else…

    • Lena Eberhardt says:

      Actually Durning a trail if you are out on bond and found guilty you stay out on bond until you’re sentenced…

      • Sarcastically Fabulous says:

        Since it seems your phone lacks the spell check feature, I’ll be your spell check. DURING not DURNING (I haven’t a clue what that means) TRIAL not TRAIL (that is a hiking path). Next time just run your spell check. It helps from looking ignorant.

        • You are the one who looks ignorant and extremely bored! Noting better to do than correct folks minor or MAJOR spelling errors? I am so sorry that you don’t have a life worth living and nothing better to do. 🙁

    • Sarcastically Fabulous says:

      Honestly who gives a sh1t!

  3. Lora Konnerth says:

    He got what he deserved he is a rapid

  4. Maria Trim says:

    I’m conflicted

  5. Antoinette Montez says:

    Well i think it’s all bullsh1t! That poor man. These woman are just fake and don’t have anything better to do with there lives. Leave Bill alone already…

    • I agree w you these women are more criminals than he is. If they didnt like it they would nif have waited this long put them jn jail

      • Stuart Caldwell says:

        I have noticed that those in favor of the old man can’t seem to spell very well… and most likely don’t understand just what he is guilty of… ignore these ignorant folks, I am sure they love Donald Trump and are TRUE Christians…

        • Sarcastically Fabulous says:

          I spell extremely well, I despise tRump with a passion, and I do not have any idea if God is real or not. My opinion regarding these sudden accusations of sexual assault in this day and age are just simply questionable and are coming from everywhe RT e ar an alarming rate. Just saying. And I am not saying that it doesn’t happen, but I also believe that not every single one of them happened

    • Sarcastically Fabulous says:

      I agree. It’s becoming a fad to accuse all these famous and high powered men of sexual assault. I believe it does happen; however, these females are coming forward HOW many years later? Times were different then and if they were so traumatized by it why wouldn’t they speak up sooner. There should be a statue of limitations on accusations of sexual assault!

  6. Diamond says:

    I think this is incredible I believe the system n certain people are out to destroy legacy’s. The same way people said Martin Luther kind paid for prostitution like wtf now bill Cosby drugging n raping females his old ass I believe this is just a set up to destroy our African American icons n destroy there legacy. They took his shows off tv show cartoon that teaches children to be respectful n learn love it showed family’s how a family should for what? to put on sex lies drama for kids to learn smh this generation already not shit n the way they making things they won’t be shit but guess what they wins kids will be in jail drop outs they will get paid smh this makes no sense… wonder who’s next? They been messing with bill Cosby sense his son got killed makes no sense smh this to me is just crazy they need to leave that man alone them females wanted fame they got it she probably only won’t cause she’s gay and u can’t go against the gays n bisexual cause they call out prejudice smh less issues for the government easier to slay a black millionaire successor that’s teach kids than it is to turn a gay person away that’s teaching them it’s ok to sin cause we are all one doesn’t matter if god made Adam n ever or men gave women n extra rib for soul mates as long as they shut people up smh this is a disgrace trust god don’t like ugly that man did a lot from the 80s to now and they hate he’s the most paid black respect man they took his star off like serious he was a real threat smh lol n people follow whatever they hear this is all about money to turn blacks against black again u ever taught why now did someone wake n say hey let me go make a report smh I know u can’t say u was scared other wise u would still be smh this is all about destroying black strong role models stop falling into the negative stuff his tv show has nothing to do with this they just want to break him don’t wait until he dies to talk good about him like people do now with Michael Jackson’s…. smh… anyway that’s just my taught my heart goes out to the Cosby’s stay strong I will still let my children grow off your tv shows fat Albert love it all god bless u n your family….

    • Diamond says:

      Ok a few typos meant she probably only won cause she gay

    • SMH smh smh

    • BradDad says:

      @Diamond… Your post was he single most unintelligible grouping of run-on sentences, misplaced/ misspelled words and the complete lack of any punctuation marks. I now have a pounding headache and some of my brain cells might have possibly died from reading your ridiculous comment.
      You should actually be banned from posting comments on any and all blogs and message boards forever.

      • I DO NOT believe the non-sense or comments made about all these woman. If it was one or two even three, but this is very SAD, Bill Cosby actually admitted to DRUGGING his woman while dating and engaging in Sexual Intercourse with them all. So, why is it so difficult for people to believe it. He was in a powerful position and took advantage of his power and influence in all the wrong ways! They should of gave him NO BAIL AN HE NEEDS TO ALREADY BE IN PRISON.

  7. Diamond says:

    That’s my thought but if he did do this guess this is a disgrace for all African Americans smh we will never really know we only know what they want us to know what the media let out and what we are told that’s why I don’t really get into politics and get upset over these things I just feel bad for certain people situations I don’t feel no way about o.j Simpson we all know the truth about that lol but this here smh they should still had left his shows for the kids these shows is not teaching these kids nothing…. poor American dad now for that era we have Al Bundy lol….

    • Sarcastically Fabulous says:

      Here is something to think about! Let’s just say all these accusers were sexually assualted, and they kept quiet all these years. Which allowed these men to continue to sexually assault other females. Then these accusers should feel pretty freakin shitty, because by chosing not to say anything WHEN it happened to them, they paved the way for other victims to have to go through the same damn traumatic experience that they had to go through. So I say THANKS FOR WATCHING OUT FOR EVERY FEMALE THAT CROSSED PATHS WITH THOSE “HORRIBLE MEN”


  9. Shyf world says:

    For y’all that don’t know, Bill Cosby tried to buy a television network – he came back with a billion dollars. The price asked they came with some bullsh1t, he then came back with $5 Billion – they told him no. No black man has ever owned such of a company. FACTS…. somehow now he guilty cause the b1tches gave up they jello pudding pop.

  10. Kimberly Franck says:

    First off just because you are out of jail on bail doesn’t mean that if your found guilty of the crime you will stay out of jail u til sentencing. Chances are good you won’t. My son didn’t in Pacific County Wa. And as for the sudden claims of sexual assault by men in powerful positions. You people can’t honestly be so stupid to not believe that men have used their position to force females to “put out “ in order to get anywhere in this world. And to not believe that those females could have done anything about it without major consequences shows more ignorance. Come on be real. Until now these females couldn’t have told and had anything go in their favor. Lastly Trump is the best thing that’s happened to this country EVER. And if you can’t see that then your stupid and blind.

  11. Wow Diamond, you should be locked up to have some education forced on you. Maybe if you read over your post before hitting the comment button you would not look so stupid.

  12. willie Royster says:

    I Think that our justice system is unjust and unfair. in my opinion there is a whole lot of doubt surrounding all of these claims that come several years after the fact that in itself is questionable in my opinion. Now here is a man that for the most part is no threat at all to our society today. Now you want to put him away for life it makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean come on’ who can he be a threat to? why waste tax payer dollars locking a man up in his eighties who has already lived his life and is in the final stages of life already, it’s in human and makes no sense. these women who have held on to there claims all these years where it didn’t matter enough then to speak out. it wasn’t a big enough issue when it was supposed to have happened to file charges. two weeks six weeks six months even. 1 year later two years maybe! but” five,ten,fifteen’ twenty years after the fact is insane. if you held it that long apparently you were not that bothered by it when it happen! if in fact it did. there is just to much room for doubt after a certain period of time has passed where you got to start questioning the motives of the individuals making the claim. if it bothers them that much twenty years later of after the fact then write a book about it but accurately accusing someone of a crime after where you never once pursued it before is very very questionable! sending elderly people to prison is not the solution pressing charges when the crimes happen is.

  13. Roberta E Turner says:

    I have thought about why women waited to bring forth charges and it was only the last 10 yrs or so that many celebrities were charged and found guilty of sexual advances. This man had power and money. I am sure he put doubt into these woman’s minds of winning if they went to press, police etc. Also, what the hell was his mind thinking with this behavior. It was wrong of him to these women and his family. Wonder how many are continuing their silence. Lets face it, he had power

    • In my opinion,….. Anyone caught doing these awful things should spend time in jail, my son is in jail, no fault of his own and because he has a lot of charges I’m unable to get him out, while in jail 2 CO’s while handcuffed, sexually assaulted him while trying to get his bible from his waist pants that fell into his pants!!!!! Would you stay silent if something like this happened to your son or daughter, it was wrong for these ladies to keep silent it should have been brought out when it happened a long time ago, why wait 1, 2 or 3 decades later, he has money to bond out, money talks… this isn’t the first time my son was assaulted, just the first time by CO’s, I’m ashamed to call our finest not so fine and to try and sweep it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen until my last breath I will see this through and try to get some so called “just ass” for my son who has been locked up in a Co Jail since March 2018

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