How To Do A Prison Inmate Search

If you are looking to locate a particular prisoner for whatever reason, doing a prison inmate search online is an easy way to locate them and the best part is that it if free of costs as this is public information. Before you start your search, be prepared with as much information as you can get about the prisoner. This is because often you may come across many prisoners with the same name or initials and knowing some additional information can help in refining your search to narrow down the results.

prison inmate search

The easiest source for doing a prison inmate search is to look up the website of the Federal Bureau of Prisons as it provides a listing of every prisoner ever held in a federal prison going back to records starting from 1982. However, this search only lets you find information about prisoners who have been given a prison sentence for a federal offense. In case you cannot locate the prisoner you are looking for on the federal database then chances are that they are in State or county prisons.

If searching the federal website is not successful, then you should next try searching online on the websites of the State correction facilities. This is a lengthier process as you may have to search around 37 different state websites to find the person you are looking for. This may be either a State department of corrections or the State Division of Prisons – it varies from one state to another. Doing a prison inmate search on the state correction facility websites is not only time consuming but also does not guarantee results as not every correction facility will have the prison records uploaded for online access.

If you still cannot locate the prisoner, then chances are that they could be in a county jail and this makes it even more difficult to locate them as not all counties have their records online. In such cases, it may be a good option to try using other networks that offers prison inmate search for free.  Some of these websites offer information of current crimes that are being tried and the status of the prisoners. If you are aware of the trial, which the prisoner you are looking for is involved in then this could give you an indication of his status. In addition, these websites provide links to each of the state correction facilities or division of prisons that makes your search process easier.

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  1. icey wyatt says:

    how do i find out when my son will be transferred from county jail to a state prison no one at the jail can tell me they say they dont know please help me to know and understand how this works . the inmates name is edward melvin henderson he was sentenced to 3 yrs

    • RE:edward melvin henderson –
      Generally how that works is, After he goes to his sentencing date, and the judge imposes his sentence, Normally the officers will wake him up around 4:30 Am that following thursday, his books will be zeroed out, which means he wont be able to communicate with you and let you know. If he was in Montgomery County Correctional Faculity, He will than go to Graterford, He will be in intake there locked down for 21 hours a day for about 3-6 weeks, He will be able to make phone calls if there was money on his books before he left for there, Once he leaves there he will be transferred to CampHill SCI. He will remain there until they decide where they will send him, they wont tell him nor you where he is going to go, because they do it for saftey reasons I guess. So he wont know when he leaves Camphill where he is going either. Basically at Camphill they classify him, meaning seeing if his crime was violent or non violent, and other things that go in as well to see what type of jail he will be put into low security medium security or maximum security. I hope this information was helpful to you. If you have any other questions feel free to ask…

      • When I was there there they fixing the roof on our block limited yard!

        Had nooo problem there but couldn’t wait to get to home PRISON!!
        Went to COAL TOWNSHIP looked like a COLLEGE Campus.

  2. i am on the inmate finder and it has no where you can put who your looking for to get their address to send them things, my nephew just got tranferred from florida to the monroe county jail in rochester ny and i am trying to get his addy to send him maybe some money or a letter but cant do that with no address it sais how to do a search but no search bar to type his name into

    • Hello,
      I’m very sorry for the situation that you are finding yourself in right now, and even though I do not know about the particular State system that you are having to deal with, I do know that the “most effective way(s) to find out ‘anything’ at all about your loved ones” is by actually getting on the Telephone with the last known place that you knew where your loved one was at, and ask, or if they are being obtuse, or worse yet obstinate with information concerning your loved one(s), and if you aren’t already speaking directly with a “Classification Officer” that represents the Department of Corrections in which ever State your dealing with, then please get in contact, directly, with hopefully your loved ones actual “Classification Officer” if you do find out at which Prison your loved one is being held at, or if you do not know at which facility your loved one is actually at, any classification officer; I repeat; “ANY CLASSIFICATION OFFICER, AT ANY FACILITY IN THE STATE THAT YOUR LOVED ONE IS BEING HELD AT HAS AT THEIR DISPOSAL, AND ON THEIR COMPUTER RIGHT ON THEIR DESK IN FRONT OF THEM, ANY AND ALL INFORMATION AVAILABLE TO THEM CONCERNING YOUR LOVED ONE!” Do NOT let them tell you otherwise, because it’s all a matter of “PUBLIC RECORD”, and this information “CANNOT BE WITHHELD FROM YOU”, no matter how evasive this person may be attempting to be with your concerns!!!!
      As a matter of “fact”, although I cannot be 100% positive about this part, but I feel 99.9% positive, minimum, all States have either a “Regional Classification Office”, or, in some of the less crowded State Facilities, a “MAIN, SEPERATE, STAND-ALONE CLASSIFICATION’S OFFICE” that is open to the general public (you do not have to prove yourself a relative), and is built, specifically to assist the public with information concerning the exact nature of your inquires!
      Lastly, and if your attempts have been met with avoidance, and yet more confusion than before you began your own quest to find your loved one(s) situation, you also have at your disposal for information, The State’s Ombudsman’s Office, with which you will now have your first State level Advocate that is dedicated to assisting you as much as is humanly possible, and that is a good Office to have at your disposal against one of, if not the largest Corrupted State System: The States Department of Correction!

      I hope that this information has been helpful for you, and in many ways as well? My name is Stewart, should you feel the need for further possible information, or information gathering, or assistance in any way that I can possibly be of any assistance to you, I will “gladly” do whatever it is that I can to help you in this, what is probably the worst journey that you’ve been on in your life, and hopefully ever will have to in the future as well!?

      Take Good Care,
      Your Friend in Difficult Times,

      • Hi Stuart I was curious on how’s that work when you know your loved ones classification officer but I haven’t been able to reach her the last few days and they were supposed to have Dr Court she was out of the office today by 4 so I thought they were supposed to be there till 5 or so but she wasn’t in the office she was gone for the day and they said she won’t be back until Monday but I called the last 3 days and no one’s answered and she doesn’t have a voicemail when I’m transferred to her but she told me that she was supposed to have information for me on Thursday or Friday and I haven’t been able to reach her because she doesn’t ever answer so I was just curious on if my loved one got transferred to a transition house and he has 17 months left he gets supposed to be released of November of 2019 they said it was under investigation why he got sent to confinement back at the cfrc main unit in Florida and she told me that he got 26 days of confinement which I’m assuming it’s because he’s already there for 4 so must have been 30 days and 15 days taken away from game time because I guess he did something but I’m not quite sure if it was false accusations or what it was because I know that he was really looking forward to going to work in a couple months because that’s what it’s like a work release place the transition home and his head was on his shoulders like he really enjoyed all the classes in the staff and he was starting open up to his counselor and it just doesn’t make any sense to me why he would mess up after he’s been in there for 8 years and I talked to him all the time because they were able to have phones in the transition house and I just know how dedicated and focused he was and so doesn’t make any sense to me would he be able to get a chance to go back to the transition house after his confinement time is up or how does that work because no one’s telling me anything thank you so much

  3. cristopher r says:

    i want to know about my brother when is hes day out, how his doing and the things he does and what is he doing.

  4. Wanting 2 know if kenneth s. is being released b4 his out date which is dec 10th 2012

  5. How do you find out the information on aninmate for their reason of being incarcerated? I’ve gone to a few different websites for searches of inmates including the main site for the person I am looking up (R. J. Donovan) and I can find them and when they were placed but no charge information like the sherrif’s site has available.

  6. I would like to know what’s the procedure for an inmate to get the work-release program and how long will they be doing this before they are released? A friend of mine told me that he should be released next year on a program in which he is let out to work but he has to return to the correctional facility at the end of the day and he gets one day a week to spend time with fam or somn to that extent. Can you furnish more info on this please?

  7. Hi everyone! My boyfriend has been in Kirkland RE now for one week. I am writing him lots of letters and keep intouch with his family. I received a letter today from him and his family got one yesterday so he’s out of envelopes for the rest of the month. Is there any way I can send him some? Can they go to the canteen during RE? He said it would be 3 weeks before they assigned a pin number so he could call. And it might be 70 days before they have a place to move him. They Gave him one visitation form and said his family would have to copy and distribute… I’m waiting for mine. I know these can take weeks for approval. Any help would be great, I miss him so much!!!!!!


  9. I want like to know what’s going on with my husband Jonathan G Parker. Thank You

  10. Hi, My father is in lockhart, and i cant remember how long hes been there. I dont know any information about this place and i hope hes doing good and wondering when he will get out? His name is Christopher Duron. Any information would be great. Thanks!

  11. how do you search for inmates on work release in alabama?


  13. How do I find out about why someone is in Medium Security vs Minimum Security? I believe they should be in Minimun, but for some reason are in Medium. Not sure if I am getting the whole story. Thank you

  14. Searching for my brother in laws SBI # so his family can visit and send letters. He’s been in prison for over a week now and no one has got any phone calls. Please help family worried.

  15. How do I find my SON who has been put in Cambria County Prison 2 days ago in PA ?? I cannot find him in an online search and there are SO many ?? How do I get my phone number to him so My Child can Call his Mother ?? How do I help My Son ?? PLEASE HELP ME !!!! PLEASE !

  16. I’m trying to find an inmate that had been in Gadsen then taken to Polk County. was sentenced. Information says. Hold for Gadsen CF. I cant find her at Gadsen. ty

  17. I have been attempting to place funds on my sons phone account so he can be involved with family while he is in. He was moved to an ISF at East Texas Treatment Facility. The facility uses icsolutions to deposit funds for telephone calls. When I went to the link via a search my computer went wacky. A black box flashed super fast on my screen and then all my program icons vanished, theinternet web browser was changed to a site called “white smoke”. I went to my internet options and reset but nothing would process…That being said, I launched a request for them to check their site. ICsolutions rep I spoke with said there were false icsolution sites linked to google searches and I must only hit their site by using the web address bar. I asked the rep. to process a payment to my sons phone account to allow him to call folks of his choosing. When the rep looked for my son he was not found in their system…searches done both by birthname and inmate id, but to no avail. I telephoned East Texas Treatment Facility and asked them to check his number/name and explained the issue. He is in their system, correct number and correct name. It was elevated to supervisor level. Any suggestions on how I should proceed. Have been working on putting $ on his account since last week, always the same glitch, he is not found. Any suggestions appreciated.
    RJs MOM

    • I’m thinking you may have to set up a JPay account in order to add funds to your sons account. Before you do, be sure to ask the facility where is located if they offer the JPay services. Hopefully this bit of info helps. I’m trying to figure out how to reach ICSoulutions rep regarding my situation where I’m trying to set a up a phone number so my girlfriend can call me, but I’m not sure who to contact. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Aggiegirl501 says:

      I hope you were able to get the right answers for your son. I thought I would post what I have found out since my husband is at this location as of 01/2015.
      They DO NOT use the Inmate Trust Fund in Huntsville. You have to send a money order (preferably Postal money order) to:
      PO BOX 8000
      Henderson, TX 75653
      *On the memo line include their full name and their TDCJ number
      Collect calls can be made to cell phones if they are prepaid or if you deposit money into their Inmate Trust fund they can also use that money to call anyone. It’s $0.12 a minute. The company: IC Solutions 1-888-506-8407 will help you set it up.

  18. kendall says:

    I’m have a heck of a time finding my fiance. She was transfered from Polk county is. Jail to mitchilleville prison in mitchville is. And the searches r all so crazy to use. Is there any simpler way to find out. She had money on her books when she was transfered. But the its been four days and Havant heard from her.

    • Kendall — have you tried looking her up via DOC / Department of corrections. I had a really hard time tracking my ex fiancée/ best friend down through the specific jails but once I looked up the doc info it told me which prison she was in and that helped me track down the other info I needed.. I hope this helps.. good luck..

  19. How do I get a inmate to stop sending me letters I have no idea how he got my address and I have no clue who this guy is ….

  20. I would like to know if Northeast Oklahoma correctional center inmates have a limit on using the phone to call loved ones, or they can call whenever they can? Please I need an answer thank you

  21. I really thought I hated this guy because he treated me so bad. I should not go to my best friend’s house when I have a boyfriend and not have sex, but if you excuse me of sleeping with my best friend then I am going to do it and sleep around on him after we broke up and he excused me of sleeping around with my best friend and I was so upset and I slept with him after we broke up after he check out another woman to make me jealous. He forgave me on Monday, he missed me, he wanted to get back with me, I don’t like him talking or yelling at himself and we all have problems you know. He didn’t have a car, so I got mad at him and made him walk after I got mad at him and he still loved me and wanted to be with me too. I was truly mean to him, but I really do think God put him and I together for a reason to be together or be friends. I spit at him, poured water on him, I was rude to him and he didn’t deserve it, but he still loved him and I did it because he looked at women to make me jealous. I just want to know his identification number, so I can send him a letter. My family never judged him because they didn’t get the chance to get to know him. He is great guy because he never hurt me. I told him he should of got me pregnant because he loves me and after we broke up he said I should of got you pregnant. Every guy date thinks I still love him because I talk about him a lot and still want to be with him too. I saw him every time I forgot him, so that means he is supposed to be in my life. I really do love him because he accepts me for the good and bad times I have in my life. Please help me find him. God bless you. I love when he opens to me. Thank you.

  22. Lori Hester says:

    I’m trying to locate my son that was supposed to be transferred the Gurney unit in Palestine Texas. When I go to the site and put in his name it say “no results found” I Live in Indiana and my husband passed away last year and I haven’t seen him in a couple of years. I can’t afford to fly/drive to Texas like I want to. I MISS my son so bad! The last time I talked to him on the phone was about 10 days ago and he never said anything about being moved. I guess the question I have is How do I find him? I also read on here that I could request him to be moved closer to me because of a hardship since I am the only income in the home since my husband passed away. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Oh…. My name is Lori.

  23. Taylor prison in Perry fl. Is a hell hole
    guards beating up on inmates. People getting stabbed a couple times a week. It’s always under investigation. The staff is more violent then I’m inmates. How about making a inmate kneel in a barrel of ice water and filled with ice and smacked in the back of the skull.

  24. I was wondering how to find out if there was a way to find out when an inmate will be executed?

  25. I’ve been really worried about my brother, whose being held in Marion County Jail 1. He usually always calls me every night, but last Sunday (11-15-15) is the last day I’ve heard from him! It’s been 9 days!! What are “THEY” doing? And I’ve done research on MCJ1!! They newfound reputation within that Jail Facility has hit Rock Bottom! I don’t know what to do and im getting nervous and frantic!!!

  26. My brother was incarcerated at Tutwiler MS prison. I have been trying to contact him since our mother has passed away. I have sent letters and they have been returned. I have been looking for him for over a year. I have all of his information. Every search I have tried has failed. Any assistance to locate him would be greatly appreciated.

  27. How do I find out exactly which prison my daughter went to in Georgia I think she went to arrendale state prison (the women prison) in alto but how do I find out to write her and put money on her books

  28. How do I find out when an inmate in Jackson County Detention Center in Kansas City Missouri will have their court date ?

  29. What does the codes under Location:. South CC & Unit:. George CC stand for under the MDOC search?

  30. I wrote the letter like this but I think I switched the po box and address can someone’s tell me if it will make it this way? The website says :
    name & id number
    Adirondack Correctional Facility
    196 Ray Brook Rd / P O Box 110
    Ray Brook, NY 12977-0110

    And I wrote it as
    Name and Id number
    P o box 110 / 196 Ray Brook Rd
    Ray Brook NY 12977-0110

    Will that matter?

  31. My husband just been transfer to middleton unit and its been 3 days that i dunno nothing bout him,i called n they told me he was active with his tdcj # but im tryin to get jpay n looking for him with his tdcj but i cant find him can someone help me plz.

  32. renee h says:

    Im trying to get my sisters doc number. Inmate search wont pull her up…what and how do i get it. Offices are closed by the time i am able to call. Please help me

  33. There’s a guy that I know an I seen him get arrested how can I go about see his charges? Here’s the problem though I DO Not know his last name!! Please Help

  34. My friend courtni van clark has been picked up n put in jail in manteo and then they said she had been moved to Chesapeake jail anyways I’ve tryed many times lookin her up on these sites that say they are 100% free and their not so if there’s any way you could help me out finding her and what jail she’s in and her inmate number so I could write her or send her some money that would be great… thanks

    • Hello,
      My name is Stewart, and I can certainly empathize with your situation. Unfortunately, and for the most part, the rules are applied Arbitrarily and worse yet, Capriciously, from individual to individual, and there is absolutely nothing at all that you can do about this. Once you attempt to enter “their” world, you are at the hands of these people that have what I call “God Complexes”, whereas they suddenly after completing a very short course in their training, they then find themselves to be in utter, and complete control “over other people”! The list grows smaller through attrition of those from “old school” that understand issues such as the issue that you’ve mentioned above. But the entire problem lies not just with the individual, but it’s almost a guarantee that no matter how rude, condescending, or otherwise completely non-understanding these (and I almost hesitate in referring to these type of humans as this, but to keep it moving I will) “people” are with you, or with dealing with you, it’s a guarantee that even if it took you 3 days of driving (they certainly do NOT care!), and agreeing to run down the road to a Wal-Mart or something to grab something “suitable” to wear, that they will not bat a eye over your situation, and they truly could care less about whether you are able to actually see the loved one that you came to see, or not!
      It’s only been recently, maybe over the past 20 years that these people have actually been held accountable for their actions, or lack there of!!!! Up, and until the late ’80’s, even with every institution having a representative from the Inspector General’s Office, on site, permanently, were they actually held accountable (at least partially, anyway) for Constitutional Violations against other persons either in their custody, or not just on, but inside the property of the prison itself, such as yourself!!!! Once you’ve entered the “Compounds inner Fence” are you then held accountable for violations of the States “interpretations” of the “Administrative Codes”! The Governing Rules and Regulations that each and every State possess, and is “suppose” to follow, but do these people actually inform you as to where they get the rules that they claim to inforce? Hell no! And unless you make yourself available for studying these rules as they apply, then you may fall victim time and time again, with no recourse whatsoever! I do not know if these Regulatory listings can be obtained on line in your state, or not, but worse case scenario, is that you’d need to go to your local Court House where there is kept for the publics study, a “Fully, and Completely Up-to-date, Law Library”!!! You don’t have to be a Lawyer to get assistance from the Library Clerk on duty, and there’s always one on duty! They can steer you in the right direction, and in most cases, can even enlighten your knowledge as far as it pertains to the specifics that you are in search of in the first place! It’s their job to assist you! Like if you lived in Florida, you’d ask the Clerk for assistance in the F.A.C.’s. The “Florida Administrative Codes”! One book. A large book, but one book nonetheless. At least you could learn “exactly” where you stand as far as the rules are concerned!

      I hope that this has been of some assistance for you, at least in getting you going in the proper direction? And do not hesitate in contacting me should you need any further guidance or advise as far as the Department of Corrections is concerned, and even though the rules can vary from state to state, I do not see this as anything too difficult in finding out the answers that you are seeking?
      So, in closing I wish you well in finding out all of the things that are needed for a person in your shoes, and if you should happen to be in need of any further assistance where Prisons are concerned, please do not hesitate in contacting me in the future. Until such time, I wish you well, and hope your troubles are few. I shall remain,


  35. What is the point in going on-line and getting information when by the time you go for a visit 1) the rules have changed and 2) the rules are at the the understanding of the CO you are working with. (Example: I visited in September and was kept waiting for four hours while the CO did the hunt and pack to enter all information into the computer. I realize that was when the facial recognition software was in its first day, but four hours, really. Once I was photographed and did my paperwork I was passed through. In October I went for a visit accidentally wearing the same outfit. It was a dress with a sweater over it. The CO wanted to see under the sweater and I told him not as I wore the sweater cause the dress was a bit revealing. He told me that I would have to go change clothes, do you really think that I keep a change of clothes available in case a different CO would be checking me through? I was made to return to the outside of the gates till I could find something HE felt was acceptable. I searched my car, and came up with a white blouse and checked in with the people there, but they said that the blouse was rather see through. She offered me a sweatshirt under the dress, I could have put the sweater under the dress and been cooler. I perspired the whole visit. ) What is the point?????

  36. All u people asking questions on here! Really? It can’t be that hard to look your info up! Your state name or county, DOC Offender look up. Should give u something to go with!! My son just went to a private prison in Oklahoma. My only child at that! Been scared to death for him! For 3 yrs now I been the only one to help him. I had to research Oklahoma Statues, Laws, Court Rules, Trial Procedures! His lawyer was not on his side. He was a court appointed lawyer and they want u to sign a plea deal other than go to trial! Simply because they don’t get paid enough to do that. And that lawyer had him thinking he could get LIFE if he went to trial! Almost had him to sign a Plea of 25 yrs. !5 in violent, 10 out on paper. But it also included a statement to detectives (confession) and testify against co defendant at his trial!! Or and I quote, ” Go to trial and get LIFE’ were his lawyers exact words. Said, U can come home at 36 or never at all!! My son was 24 at the time.When he called me to tell me this! He said, “Mom, I guess I’m gonna take the plea!” “Mom I’m not trying to get LIFE!” Crushed my soul! It literally felt like he was dying! The thot of him locked up for 15 yrs violent charges as a snitch!! Made me sick to my stomach! Hell No! Was I gonna let them do this to him!! And the whole reason is cause he was not communicating with the DA so he was dead set on racking my son! Determined he was going for 20+ yrs to prison! That day when I finally learned this plea included a statement and testify against co defendant. I went home got online and started learning Statues,laws, Criminal charges and the rules for convictions. Learned that ya can’t convict someone on Accessory testimonial only or co defendant testimony! ya have to have corroborating evidence aside from testimonies! So I went to visit my son next day in County jail and told him this. Talked him out of signing his life away! And going to trial. !5 yrs as a snitch violent offender. They was trying to get him killed! My son would not of made it back home after that! And taking it to trial they have to prove your guilt! My point is people! you’ll sound lost on your loved ones situations. Not Good! They will get screwed if no one out here is there to help them! Who are you’ll asking these questions anyway? Get involved in incarcerated peoples cases and lives! They r locked up. U r not! Call lawyers, go to law library, call the facilities yourself. Don’t just sit back and hope for an answer!! And to end story, of course he still got screwed at trial! They knew what to do for a guilty verdict! He was denied a fair trial, due process and so on! we’re awaiting Appeal! But He still beat their bullshit, so called plea deal of 15 in violent as a snitch! And did not get LIFE! He got 7 yrs total! And awaiting Appeal! Signing plea’s usually won’t get u an Appeal reversed! that’s admitting guilt. And once u do that your screwed! This is why they want everyone to take plea deals. And rack ya in charges, scare u with LIFE if go to trial! Cause if u take it to trial they then will have to prove your Guilt!

  37. Scums, a scum job for a scum bag…..

  38. How do I find out why my mother was in this prison on 1959? Is there a department to contact?

    • Hello,
      My name is Stewart, and I will make an attempt at guiding you along the pathway of obscure information, whereas most others will not.
      There are a multitude of internet avenues that you can possibly travel down in your search for information about your mother’s situation; past, or present. The absolute first place I would begin to search is through the State’s Clerk of the Courts office. Once there, it’s all a matter of “open public records” that you will have at your disposal!!! Any and all information concerning what is known about any events in the past concerning any possible “Civil” or “Criminal” Allegations is 100% Completely Available to you! , You do NOT have to divulge “any information” about yourself, or “any” other person that may be assisting you in your endeavors!
      This should at least get you started in the correct direction(s), but in the event that you are unable to find whatever it is that you are searching for, you may feel freely about contacting me with any other questions concerning the situation that you are now finding yourself to be in, and I would be more than happy to assist, in any way possible to assist you in finding what ever the answers are that you are searching for, and will gladly do so, should you need further assistance. Hopefully, this contact from me will have arrived late, in that you will have already found what ever it is that you were searching for in the beginning? But if not, then please do not hesitate in contacting me, directly, at any time you feel it necessary, and I will do anything, and everything that I know to do to assist you further, should you need the assistance. So until such time, I wish you well, and shall remain,


  39. John Hansen says:

    I’m wanting to find out what my daughter, Rebekah Ann Jones, prison id number is. Why is it that all I get is sent to 1 or 2 websites and then back to a useless page with an “Inmate Search” button. How the hell can I get my daughter’s I’d number???

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