Connecticut County Jails

Here is a complete listing of all of the county jails in Connecticut, including the municipal and city jails as well. Click on the link for each jail for more detailed information.

If you know of a jail that is not on the list, or have a correction, please let us know.

Step 2 – Choose The County

Fairfield Bridgeport Correctional Center Bridgeport, CT 6604
Hartford Hartford Correctional Center Hartford, CT 6120
New Haven New Haven Correctional Center New Haven, CT 6511
Windham Windham County Jail Putnam, CT 6260


  1. Rafael G says:

    can give information for my partner about when he would leave or if they move to the other jail

  2. I miss my boyfriend

  3. Pretty sure no one of any importance reads this anyway but just in case my husband is in Howard R young correctional institute Delaware I would like to know number 1 why the last four letters I sent them have been returned to me I have more than enough postage actually extra postage so I have no idea why that would be nice so that means he didn’t get a birthday or Christmas card I called the jail they don’t give you any information not even if he’s there then you go on this stupid website and it just brings you to a paying site I don’t need like a whole big sort I know where he is I know why is there I’m trying to figure out where he is because obviously they’re returning my mail and I was not notified by anybody and I probably still won’t be

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