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Coronavirus Preparations Begin in Jails and Prisons Nationwide

Prison and jail officials are beginning preparations to protect inmates and staff against possible outbreaks of infections from the Coronavirus called COVID-19. State and local Health Departments … [Read More...]

Bill Cosby Found Guilty, Faces Lengthy Prison Term

Bill Cosby, the 80 year-old comedian and TV star, has been found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home in … [Read More...]

Disney Actor Stoney Westmoreland Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Have Sex With 13 Year Old Teen

A Disney Channel actor, Stoney Westmoreland has been arrested for allegedly attempting to have sex with someone who he believed to be 13 years old. Stoney Westmoreland plays a grandfather named Henry “Ham” Mack on the popular Disney Channel teen sitcom ‘Andi Mack’.  Westmoreland has since been fired by Disney. Westmoreland was arrested in Salt […]

Singer Chris Brown Arrested in Florida

The hit singer Chris Brown was arrested Late Thursday in West Palm Beach Florida, immediately following his concert at the Coral Sky Amphitheater, where he was performing for his nationwide concert tour. Brown was arrested on an outstanding ‘out-of-county’ warrant according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office website, and CBS News is reporting that […]

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How to Find a Bail Bondsman

If you have been arrested, the chances are you will need bail in order to be released from jail. While some people are released on their own recognizance by simply promising to turn up for their court … [Read More...]

Mugshot Removal – How To Get Your Mugshot Removed

When you get arrested and are booked into jail, there are a number of procedures that you’ll have to go through, one of them being getting your 'mugshot' taken. A mugshot, or booking photograph, is … [Read More...]

How To Find an Attorney

If you have been arrested, you have certain rights, one of these being the right to request a lawyer. Remember that you may be limited to the amount of phone calls you can make, so it is a good idea … [Read More...]

How To Do A Prison Inmate Search

If you are looking to locate a particular prisoner for whatever reason, doing a prison inmate search online is an easy way to locate them and the best part is that it if free of costs as this is … [Read More...]

Visiting an Inmate in a Federal Prison

There are certain rules and regulations that must be followed when one seeks to visit an inmate in a federal prison. When can you visit an inmate? Federal prisons have established certain … [Read More...]