Jimmer Fredette Plays Prison Basketball

“If you are a basketball player and you are used to playing against prison inmates, with all of their friends rooting against you and heckling you at the same time, you are bound to develop a strong character – and a powerful ability to keep your cool under pressure.

jimmer fredette prison

Its not like this is a pickup game in the rough part of town – this is prison ball.

To play against these guys and play to your potential, you need to have great guts – and some natural basketball ability helps, too.

That’s just what Jimmer Fredette did as a member of a civilian basketball team that plays against inmates at the McGregor prison in Wilton, NY.

The inmates that used to boo and heckle Jimmer warmed up to him evenutally, and started to cheer him on after seeing his skills on the court.

This experience made him mentally tough and has proved to be very useful when playing in his professional basketball team in the BYU league.

The prison inmates at McGregor Correctional Facility are huge fans of his, and watch every game he plays on TV – every chance they get.”

Additional information at: http://www.nesn.com/2011/03/jimmer-fredette-has-devoted-fan-base-within-new-york-prison-system.html

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