Seven Inmates Killed and Dozens Injured at SC State Prison Riot

Seven inmates were killed and dozens more inmates were injured in an overnight riot that lasted more than seven hours Sunday night, and into Monday morning, at the Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville, SC, according to reports by prison officials.

A total of seven inmates have died and 17 more inmates have required medical treatment in what has been called a “mass casualty incident” that has prompted responses by at least six emergency agencies.

Lee Correctional Institution

Lee Correctional Institution – Photo Credit: SC Department of Corrections

The Lee Correctional Institution is a maximum security South Carolina Department of Corrections state prison located in Bishopville, SC, which is in Lee County South Carolina, 55 miles east of Columbia. Lee Correctional Institution was opened in 1993 and has a stated capacity of 1,785 inmates.

Lee County Fire and Rescue stated in a social media posting that they responded to the incident, and emergency management services (EMS) from the town of Hartsville, as well as Florence County, Kershaw County, Lexington County are reported to have responded as well.

The names of the deceased and injured inmates have not been released.

According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, all prison staff and law enforcement officers who responded to the incident have been reported safe.

The South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division is reported to be assisting the prison officials in the investigation of the incident.

Aaron Joyner is listed as the Warden of the Lee Correctional Facility, according to the SC DOC page for the prison.

Do you have a family member, friend or loved-one incarcerated at Lee Correctional Facility?  Have you heard from them?  Post whatever information you have in the comments section below.  This post will be updated frequently, so check back later for more details.

The inmates who were killed in the nearly seven hour long riot have been announced:

Eddie Casey Jay Gaskins, Age 32

Joshua Svwin Jenkins, Age 33

Damonte Marquez Rivera, Age 24

Cornelius Quantral McClary, Age 33

Michael Milledge, Age 44

Raymond Angelo Scott, Age 28

Corey Scott, Age 38


  1. Karen A Tayor says:

    I don’t know what it is like in SC but here in Colorado the CO’s push the inmates to the point of frustration. I am surprised that more don’t riot. I have a friend at a Colorado Correctional Facility and the CO’s push buttons. They move people just to move them when they are comfortable where they are. The purpose of prison is to separate people from their friends/families, not to push them to violence. It is a sad state of affairs that the prisons are in such bad repair. There are rats and cockroaches in the kitchens; some private facilities have no jobs or programs. The men and women are frustrated . They put straight men in with gay men; they don’t answer kites sent by inmates. They change case managers and do not let them know who their new case manager is, When someone tries to better himself, there is no reward. The justice system is corrupt and they send people away just so that they can get money into their coffers. The system is severely broken.

  2. Joanne Beck says:

    This has entirely nothing to do with this situation. It’s people just like you that start all the crap rolling downhill in social media. If you have a complaint about the particular institution then it should be more directed to the proper channels there and not on social media.

  3. James Donadio says:

    Here in PA, the same abuses take place several times a day. Inmates have even been murdered by prison staff Bullies, and their families are told that they were found “in their cell unresponsive.”. My best friend is in SCI Waymart for trumped up charges by the ADA, and receives daily abuse, including name calling, coffee spilled deliberately on his bed, forced to spend 30 days in the hole for an “incident” that was concocted by the bullies. I have written several letters, made numerous calls, but NO RESPONSE. EVERYONE SAYS COMPLAIN TO SOMEONE ELSE. Well, I hired a lawyer recently and I want to take all these assholes down. If they do this to inmates, don’t you think they’re doing the same thing to their wives and children and pets? These scumbags are low life scoundrels with serious mental illnesses. Working at a Correctional facility gives them perfect access to people that are defenseless. It is a known fact that SCI WAYMART has dangerous gangs… THE STAFF. They recently confronted an inmate gang member and informed him “yeah, you guys have your gangs, but we have ours too and we will fuck you up.”. Recently the SUPERINTENDENT and his DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT were fired because the PA DOC wanted to “move in a different direction.”. The direction they should be moved to is straight ahead to jail. And the PA DEPARTMENT OF PAROLE AND PROBATION is equally as crooked and sadistic… THEY FOLLOW NO RULES THAT ARE IN THE PRISON HANDBOOK, making things up not only day by day, but shift to shift, down to worker to worker. THEY BELIEVE THEY CAN’T BE TOUCHED, because few have rallied against their abuses and are labeled as “snitches and liars.” I, for one, am not intimidated for even one second by these scumbags, and want justice FINALLY.

    • Melissa Melendy says:

      Alabama prisons have major problems as most everyone knows. The inmates not only have to watch their backs with the other inmates but also have to be wary around the CO’S. Unfortunately, the CO’S are way overworked and overwhelmed. They feel like they have to constantly be on the offensive because their lives depend on it. This is partially due to some officers being responsible for 200 inmates at once. Change is way overdue.

  4. Frank Humphries says:

    If you aint been to prison then u dont know wtf u talkin about

    • Lena Eberhardt says:

      I disagree I’ve never been to prison but I get it… My man is in prison and he will tell you somehow someway I just understand it… Unfortunately people who haven’t been think that it isn’t as bad as the inmates say but it truly is…

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