Your Prison Inmates – Learn How To Deal With Them

One of the tricks of surviving prison time is to learn how to deal with your fellow prison inmates. It is important to get a record for good behavior as this could help in getting a sentence reduced if you are in after being found guilty of a minor crime for which you were recommended to do time. However, you need to remember that some of the prisoners may be in for more serious and violent crimes with life terms and getting into altercations may be a way for them to keep themselves entertained.

prison inmates

Thus taking a few simple precautions can help you deal with other prison inmates better so that it does not damage your life further. The first step is to use your prison time to introspect about the reason why you are in prison and then find a solution within yourself on how you can avoid getting into a similar situation again. The next thing to do is keep yourself busy, so you do not have too much spare time to get into fights. Getting a prison job is a good way to keep busy. Another option is to consider furthering your education by enrolling for courses through correspondence.

Next, look for constructive forms of recreation that will not bring you into social contact with unsavory elements. Spend a lot of your time reading books from the prison library. This is a peaceful form of recreation compared to playing cards or gambling, where you could get into trouble with one of the prison inmates who does not like to lose. If it is possible to learn a new skill such as carpentry or painting, then this could be a good way to pass time.

The final point to remember is always to be on your guard even if someone appears trustworthy. Never disclose to your fellow prison inmates the reason why you are in prison. Even if you are not yet proven guilty, they could use this against you or your family through their contacts outside especially if you have been accused of a sexual offense. Also, be aware of the most despicable prisoners and keep a safe distance from them. It is important not to display any vulnerability as it could make you an easy target for violence or even rape. Following these few basic steps can make your time in prison trouble free and keep you safe from being an easy target of other prisoners.

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