Facing Extortion and Money Laundering Charges by California Attorney General

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has filed extortion and money laundering charges against the website for charging people a fee for removing their mugshot from the website. The Attorney General’s office claims that the owners of have collected $64,000 in so-called ‘de-publishing fees’ from 175 California citizens. The charges were filed against Kishore Vidya […]

How to Find a Bail Bondsman

If you have been arrested, the chances are you will need bail in order to be released from jail. While some people are released on their own recognizance by simply promising to turn up for their court date, most have to pay some form of bail. Bail is an amount of money that you, your […]

Mugshot Removal – How To Get Your Mugshot Removed

When you get arrested and are booked into jail, there are a number of procedures that you’ll have to go through, one of them being getting your ‘mugshot’ taken. A mugshot, or booking photograph, is the picture that the police take to identify you. Two photos are taken: one full face and one profile. Also, […]

How To Find an Attorney

If you have been arrested, you have certain rights, one of these being the right to request a lawyer. Remember that you may be limited to the amount of phone calls you can make, so it is a good idea to have a friend or relative locate a lawyer for you. You may be thinking […]